MH20 Swim Club – Social Media Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to encourage acceptable and beneficial use of social media by all club members; Swimmers, Coaches, Administrators, Members, Committee Members, Parents and volunteers to the club. There is great potential for communication and promotion of the club through the use of social media, however, all members of the club need to understand the expectations of Melbourne H20 Swimming Club.

Social Media guidelines, introduced by Melbourne H20 Swimming Club, apply to Swimmers, Coaches and other people associated with Melbourne H20 Swimming Club who contribute to providing content for social media insofar as that content relates to Melbourne H20 Swimming Club, its coaches, members, swimmers and the wider swimming community including other clubs and Swimming Victoria. It is expected that these guidelines are followed at all times. Failure to comply may jeopardise future membership at Melbourne H20 Swimming Club.

Reason for Social Media Guidelines
These guidelines are for the protection of club members and Melbourne H20 Swimming Club. They ensure that all members are aware of what constitutes responsible social media usage and what is inappropriate and unacceptable.

Definition of social media:
Social media is any form of on-line or web-based publication, forum or presence that allows interactive communication, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Shapchat, blogs, Youtube, forums, texting/SMS, email, blogs, forums and other social networking tools or content/photosharing sites used by people to whom these guidelines apply.

Although privacy settings are available on many social media sites, it is difficult to guarantee that sites are fully private. Always begin with the assumption that anything you say can be read by anyone, anywhere, at any time and once it is published it is ‘out there’ and cannot be taken back.

Always be cautious when posting and be aware that inappropriate conduct reflects on yourself and the club. Do not post anything that is offensive, discriminatory, threatening or obscene. A good guide is to consider if you would say such a thing directly to a person or group and consider how they might react before you post. Be polite at all times and always pause before posting.

Do not use social media to make derogatory comments about issues or concerns that you or others have relating to Melbourne H20 Swimming Club. Such concerns should be expressed directly to Melbourne H20 Swimming Club Head Coach or a Committee Member.

Posting or sharing inappropriate and/or sexually explicit words, graphics or images is not only unacceptable, but may be illegal and will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Bullying, discrimination or victimisation will not be tolerated under any circumstances and any breach will be treated seriously.

Be Respectful
​At Melbourne H20 Swimming Club we expect swimmers, coaches, parents and officials to be respectful of each other at all times. When posting, show proper consideration for how your post will affect other people. Do not pass comments that could be deemed as hurtful to club members, coaches, parents, officials or members of the wider swimming community.

Cyber bullying via social media outlets will not be tolerated. Severe breaches will be reported to the relevant authorities.

At most of our activities we take photos of our swimmers and often post them on our secure Facebook page to share, or use them on our website or for other promotional purposes.  Names are not used unless it is the secure facebook page.  You need to be invited to join this by sending a facebook request to join.  If you do NOT want your swimmer’s photo used you MUST fill in the below form.  Failing to do so implies you have given us authorisation to use your swimmer’s photo.

To join our secure facebook group please click here which will take you to our unsecured facebook page.  From there you need to ask to be invited to join. 

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