Information and links on swimming drills and tips

What Level are you?

Total Beginners

Although, we try and cater for all levels of ability, we do not provide learn to swim classes. We specialise in quality coaching for squads. So a basic level of competency is needed to train with us.

If you’ve wishing to learn to swim, we strongly recommend private lessons with H2O Swimming Works. They will have you up to speed for a squad swimming in no time.

H2O Swimming Works offer group or private lessons, providing a systematic step-by-step process that will address your fears and assist you to enjoy the water and realise its true benefits.   

H2O are experts and pioneers in the field of adult swimming and in particular with fearful adult learners.

If you have ever wanted to learn to swim yourself, or know of fearful adults, H2O Swimming Works are highly recommended.

Novice Swimmers

Can you swim one or two strokes, but want to improve your technique, learn new strokes or just learn to breathe properly? Our Novice sessions are challenging, social and provide a positive atmosphere for you to improve your swimming!

Moderate Swimmers

Ever swum lap after lap, never improving, following that black line, getting bored?  Learn how to train and swim like the pro’s so it is NEVER boring.                                      

Want to learn how to train; add variety to your program; learn a new skill such as butterfly, tumble turns or diving; or get fitter or faster?

Want to lose weight, or try an ocean swim? We have something for you.

Advanced Swimmers

Have you been a Competitive swimmer, Club swimmer, Squad swimmer, Surf, Water polo, Triathlete or Open water swimmer?  Do you wish to swim with a group of like minded people who love to swim, in a structured program to achieve your goals however, grand or modest they may be?

For quality coaching and an awesome atmosphere, our Advanced squads are best suited to you.

Swimming Drills

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Swimming Tips

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