Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to a trial session?

Bathers, goggles and towel. If you have fins, a kick board, paddles or any other swim accessories, bring them along too. But, if you don’t, please don’t go buy anything until you’ve spoke to our coaches. They can direct you on what accessories will suit you best.

What fins do you suggest?

If you need fins, we recommend DMC Elites:  
 You may be able to pick them up cheaper elsewhere. These will help you with drills or when you’re feeling tired. They’re a big help, super light and feel great.

Do you run squads on public holidays?

No, we provide no coaching on public holidays, however, our coaches are often happy to provide programs for those wishing to swim.

What pool do you run session out of?

Prahran Aquatic Centre. 41 Essex St, Prahran VIC

Do I need to be able to swim all strokes?

No. Although, you will quickly learn these strokes with the help of our quality coaches.

I want to improve my freestyle… Do I need to do the other strokes?

Sometimes swimmers wish to concentrate on one stroke, however, doing them all will help a swimmer develop greater speed and efficiency. It’s also fun and varies the training program.

Can I come to any sessions?

Yes. Members are welcome to come to any of our 15 sessions. You are never locked into any session. We encourage members to mix their training session up.. it’s a great way to mix with other swimmers!

I’m injured. Should I swim?

It depends on your injury and the advice from your health professional. More often than not, our coaches can modify your training to allow you to get some benefits. Coaching tips on technique can also help swimmers avoid injury. We are more than experienced in modifying your swimming to suit a wide range of injuries and health related problems. Just ask what we can do to help.  Many people who can’t participate in land based sports are still able to swim.

Do I need to learn technique?

Having the best quality coaches will allow you to swim faster, longer and more efficiently without injury. Good technique will protect you and make swimming effortless and rewarding. Without learning technique from a quality coach, you are likely to keep making the same mistakes, possibly causing injury and failing to reach your potential as a swimmer.

What kind of sessions do you do?

Our coaches cover all strokes, speeds and intensities. This means sprint, endurance and lactic sessions with plenty of time to hone technique. It’s all this variation in our program that will help improve your swimming.

What are the benefits of a swimming squad?

Swimming in a swim squad is the best way to improve your swimming. 1. It encourage you to swim regularly. 2. You receive continuous quality coaching and 3. It’s social! Swimming by yourself for hours rarely achieves improves improvement. Having a squad to train with motivates you to push yourself and it’s simply, fun.

Do I need to registered with Swimming Victoria or Masters Swimming?

Yes. All members must be registered with either or both Masters Swimming Victoria or Swimming Victoria. These registrations provides insurance and also allow you to compete in various swim events. For some swimmers, they register with both organisations in order to have greater choice when it comes to competitions.  Inexperienced younger adults tend to join the Masters as the level of competition is not as intense and qualifying times do not apply at most events.  Experienced and serious swimmers wanting to race at higher level meets within the broader swimming community choose to join Swimming Victoria.

Swimming Victoria or Masters Swimming Victoria… Which is better?

Both are wonderful organisations in providing benefits for swimmers. We

Is Melbourne H2O Swimming Club affiliated with Swimming Victoria, Swimming Australia, Masters Swimming Victoria and Masters Swimming Australia?

Yes. Melbourne H2O Swimming Club is affiliated with Swimming Victoria which falls under the umbrella of Swimming Australia. Melbourne H2O Swimming Club is also a member of Masters Swimming Victoria which also falls under the umbrellas of Masters Swimming Australia and Swimming Australia. When you swim with MH2O you have choice…..

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